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SSAS Parallel MaxParallel Issues

You may have got very excited when you find out that you can control the number of partitions you can process in your processing process, aren't you? I was at least.

We have lots of cubes and they are very resource intensive so we couldn't afford to do process all of the partitions in every run. We have designed a custom solution to process X number of partitions in the day job and Y number of partitions in the minute/hour job, ofcourse X is bigger than Y which mean we process more partitions in the day job than minute /hour job.

Our SSAS servers are less busy when compared to the SQL server which is the source for our cubes, so when we let the SSAS decide the number of partitions to process in parallel, it is processing way too many partitions in parallel and SQL Server was not able to handle that much load and is failing by the deadlocks of the processing job.

That's when we decided to play with the Parallel MaxParallel setting in the XLMA of the Analysis Server.