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AVIC z1 Installation Toyota Celica GTS

Here are the installation instructions of the AVIC z1 on a Toyota Celica 2001 gts.Before going into that I have to tell I love my AVIC Z1 double din navigation system with cd/mp3/dvd player with a rear view camera and bluetooth adapter.

I am not a electronic or mechanical geek by any means,but still I want it to be done.So I did some decent amount of home work before I started working on it.I had to thank for all the instructions on how to take things apart and Toyota for all the plastic clips that are used for fastening the interior to the car.Last but not the last I have to really thank Poineer team for compiling such a simple installation manual.It is here

I started with installing the rear view camera,I installed the camera in the key hole of my celica.Took the plastic thing below the hatch and then removed the three bolts to take the plastic thing above the license plate that hold the keyhole.Passed the wire to the through the holes in the hatch to the roof and then c…