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Boy No Wonder Why Audacity Rocks and is in the top 100 Best Freewares

We are so used to the Internet nowadays that we don’t realize how much we need it until there is a disconnect from the outside world.I was in that situation last night.Moved into a new apartment, provider told me it takes about 24 hrs to get the Internet connection.

I had a need to record a phone conversation last night from my Motorola l7.If I had time and right tools I would have made a Cable that connects to the mini usb port of my phone and line in of my computer but unfortunately I didn’t have any of the two.So I had to turn on the speaker on the phone and record the conversation that way. But the stupid neither the Microsoft recorder nor the Movie maker helped me do that.Recorder can records only up to 60 secs and whereas movie maker only reads data from the input video devices.

If I had the Internet connection I would have gone with mp3mp3 recorder, that's my favorite.
Unfortunately I was not, but still had to record.One of my desktop had Audacity installed on the machine, I c…