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a Sports Coupe Toyota Celica GTS 2001

I want to write a small review on my new celica gts 2001.There are few things that I am impressed with the car but there are a few that annoys a little bit.

I read so many reviews on the web the car really handles well on the curves but I couldn't get the feeling when I make the turns in the car.This is maybe because I had driven stable cars like accord,civic,dodge neon,nissan sentra.

As many people mentioned in their reviews, car needs a little more horse power for it to fly.A V6 engine would have been a good idea too.

Gas Mileage:
I always keep the rpm low when I drive the car, I get 30-32mpg with a mix of city and freeway.When compared with other cars in its class this is a nice car with a decent mileage.Ofcourse it takes premium grade gas.

I waited little longer to find a car that is fully loaded,interior leather is very nice but the cheap plastic thrown in the dash makes it look cheaper.

I used to park really well with my other cars, celica parking…