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Internet wireless gateway with Fedora Linux ,Chillispot,FreeRadius and Apache

One of the projects I want to do is to create a wireless hot Spot and control the usage of it(bandwidth,sites users visit, place ad's(for not-for-Profit orgs)). With my limited knowledge of networking I couldn't do it in windows,so I chose Linux as my platform.

After spending more than 100 hours of my time,I finally made my wireless router to work.You should have seen the happiness in my face after the first client machine saw the ad and successfully logged into the wireless network,but there was a little disappointment because I didn't write the code for freeradius ,Apache, chillispot or Fedora Linux. But that's OK for now!

Ubuntu 6 blew my monitor,monitor got stretched horizontally I thought there was something wrong with the Linux video driver,but see the same after formatting and installing windows on the machine.Fortunately I had an extra monitor with which I continued my work.Ububtu didn't detect my second network interface card,so had to move with another flav…

Over clocking of AMD 64 2800 CPU

As I mentioned before I had this opportunity to assemble a new system for basic word processing and emails,I went with AMD 64 2800 CPU with MB BIOSTAR K8M800-M7A K8M800 754 motherboard.

Biostar motherboard came with a nice overclocking utility, that did the overclocking of the cpu.

Following are the details of the overclocked CPU.

------------ Normal ----------OverClocking
CPU Freq-- 1.6Ghz ---------- 1865Mhz
Clock Freq-- 200Mhz -------- 221Mhz
Ram Freq-- 188Mhz --------- 203Mhz

after overclocking, the system was very stable.


Hardware Used:

Mother Board
MB BIOSTAR K8M800-M7A K8M800 754

CPU AMDSEM64 2800+ 1.6G 754 256K %

1 GB Module for Dell OptiPlex GX270 Small Form Factor System PC 2700 184 pin DDR.

Hope this information will help if you want to buy any of the above products.

Atx Power Supply for a Micro Atx MotherBoard

After long time , I had the oppurtunity to assemble a basic system for emails and word processing.I have never ordered a microAtx motherboard for a Atx Power Supply, but by mistake I did it this time.

I was thinking that there is only a phsical difference(dimensions) between a microAtx and Atx power supply, I didn't realize my assumption was wrong until I connected all my compenents and nothing worked.

There were no beeps nor the processor fan is working(no display) when I turned the computer on, but the power light turned on.

I ordered a new microAtx PS and everything worked fine except my microAtx PS didn't fit into the Atx Case.I had to search for the burried toolkit to make the PS fit into the case.

what a mess , for ordering one wrong component.

which search engine is the best; google or msn or yahoo . . .

I started my blog on Tuesday, February 27, 2007, Google crawler was able to look at the blog and grab the content of it by the 22nd of March ,2007,but other search engines couldn't do it.

There are many other factors involved in judging a search engine .The first one is definitely the content that comes after the search. Other search engines seem far behind(at least for me) Google in maintaining their search databases.

The other reason why Google picked my blog is may be because it owns blog spot.

Anyways, I prefer Google over other search engines.